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A Complete Guide:

Weather at the Iguazu Falls

Written by Skylar Majeras Morgan

About the Author

What is the weather like at the Iguazu Falls?

When is the best time of the year to visit the Iguazu Falls?

What time of year does it rain at the Iguazu Falls?

These are all very common questions we get from our clients.  To be honest, there is no exact answer.  Sure, several websites will tell you what months are the best to visit.  However, I guarantee you that most websites will contradictory.  The reason being is because the weather at the Iguazu Falls varies all the time!  Also, the best time to visit the Iguazu Falls completely depends on what type of weather each individual person likes.

Short Answer

The Iguazu Falls weather is known for its widely hot and humid temperatures, while still having some unexpected rainfalls.  Therefore, if you would like to visit the Iguazu Falls when the weather is not too hot or humid, visit during late October, all of November, beginning of December, late February and beginning of March.  To read about when to visit according to high and low tourist season at the Iguazu Falls click here.

Long Answer

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