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Iguazu Falls


What better way to focus on one’s mind, body, and soul than by visiting a Natural Wonder of the World? Escape reality and immerse yourself within the wonder of the Iguazu Falls, a chain of 275 waterfalls surrounded by 10 trillion square feet of rainforest.  These falls run for 1.7 miles, while marking the border between Brazil and Argentina.  Located in the northeast point of Argentina, province of Misiones, the Iguazu Falls were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984.  Offering an immeasurable amount of culture and adventure, the falls support excursions promoting communal bonding, self- confidence and empowerment. 


The name "Iguazu," comes from the native Guarani language.  Its meaning "big waters" is formed by the words "y" which means water and "ûasú" which means "big."

According to a romantic Guaraní legend, a warrior named Toroba fell in love with a beautiful Indian named Naipi. Together they tried to flee their village on a canoe down the Iguazu River.  A God who planned to marry Naipi sliced the river in half creating the Iguazu Falls. Naipi fell out the canoe and landed at the bottom of the river, and Toroba remained at the top, thus separating Naipi and her love for eternity. 



  • When Eleanor Roosevelt, late U.S. first lady, visited Iguazu Falls she exclaimed "Poor Niagara!"

  • The largest recorded flow of water occurred in 2014 when the falls had 12 million gallons of water flow per second.  Whereas the average water flow during the rainy months only reaches 2 million gallons of water per second.

About Escape Wonder

Escape Wonder S. M. Morgan Travel is a registered seller of travel in the state of California, which allows us to reserve airline tickets, accommodations, excursions, meal packages, tour guides and more.

Although we are a California based travel agency, we are local experts solely focused on providing experiences within the greater Iguazu Falls area.  With adventure at our core, our customizable packages are designed to strengthen one's connection to their environment through exploration and cultural immersion.

We have a primary goal of sharing the beauty of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Iguazu Falls.  As a California based Travel Agency with a founder who has lived both in the United States and Argentina, we have a facility in determining the wants and needs of travelers.  This has led us to the goal to make your travels easy, fun and stress-free.  In light of this fact, we have developed various travel itineraries and tours which ensure immersion into the cultures of the three bordering countries–Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay–and the Guaraní tribal community.

At Escape Wonder, all logistics are taken care of. With the help of our tour coordinators, we are able to directly manage the execution, direction and coordination of your trip. This way, you can focus on having the experience of a lifetime.

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